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Imperial Hue Vietnam 2020

Updated: Apr 14

The kind folks at Centraltique Hanoi booked a driver to take us to the airport - we decided to fly down to Hue instead of the brutal 12 hour train or bus ride. Plus it was under $100 for the both of us including a VIP line, checked bags and a meal.

Must've been the jetlag. I had the wrong time for our flight and almost did not leave enough room to catch our flight. We made it to check in with less than an hour before take off, but staff were non-plussed. There were many people in line behind us but as we had VIP status, we were swept to the front of the queue. That was stressful and the first time we miscalculated our flights since we began travelling in 2013 – high anxiety!

Won't be smiling once we discover we have the wrong time for our flight to Hue!

Great weather in Hanoi considering it was January and anything can happen. Our departure day was rainy; it felt good to be moving to a new destination. Our takeaway on Hanoi: loved it, can't wait to return. That is the best possible outcome when we travel!

Leaving Hanoi

Short uneventful flight to Hue - that's the way we like it. Once we landed we felt a change in the weather- much warmer but not tropo hot- that would be in Saigon some miles down the road. In Hue it was a perfect 80 degrees for our entire stay.

Vietnam is stunningly beautiful.

Hue Vietnam's dark past is evident by the sheer number of cemeteries as we fly in from Hanoi.

Welcome fruit - Hue Riverside Villas lives up to its moniker

Check out our sweet digs - Hue Riverside Villa.

Once settled in, we ask staff where to eat; Hue enjoys a reputation as a foodie paradise. Without hesitation staff directed us to Hanh's Pancake House- a bit of a walk but a great way to get acquainted with Hue.

Elaine at Khoai Han Cake House

Ban Beo- shrimp on gelatinous rice cakes oh my!

Family frontman for Hahn's of Hue.

Pickle heaven.

We will back to HAHN many times while in Hue

After a brief respite at our hotel, we strolled along the fancifully-named Pearl River.

Its bridges glow... all over Vietnam.

Spaceship restaurant on the Pearl River

Riding the dragon on the Pearl River

Flavours of Hue - roast pork, shrimp noodles

Local beers are a wonder all over Vietnam - can't read the label but enjoying the crisp light taste

While Hue attracts a lot of tourist we note the locals seem to enjoy their city's charms

Hue is one of the best places to eat Vietnamese food, particularly its famed Bun Bo Hue, sweet salty spicy sour perfection. At the centre of the country near the coast, its food encompasses the entirety of the country. Here is a sampling of some of Hue's earthy delights.

Another time, we rode our bicycles to the remarkable Don Ba Market along the Pearl.

Where's Waldo?

Time to rent a scooter and tour the region

Out to the beach - not a soul in sight

Take any lane to the beach

Many Vietnamese boat people escaped from this coast

Ghost town

Always wear your helmet - no matter what.

Crossing Bridge Number 1

Stunning Pearl

We never did catch one of the tour boat rides

Patio, Hue Riverside Villas

Always time for a cocktail

The friendliest locals!

Spotted on Walking Street- typical SE Asia Walking Street Party Zone

This bar featured impressive Vietnamese War Artifacts

This bar a great place to get bombed

Opening Night of an Art Exhibit in a colonial mansion next to our resort

Traditional Chinese Shop House - rapidly disappearing across SE Asia

Breakfast on our patio from a very deep menu: "Order any or all!" Ok- we will!

Time for some work and a free homemade yogurt from staff

A free snack every time we returned from an excursion

Or a coffee near the Imperial Palace

Vietnamese refugees- escaped to America- return to Hue every year to their local family restaurant

One of the many gates, Imperial Palace

Festive restaurant

The staff at Hue Riverside Villas were exceptional - they even paid for our taxi to the train station! WOW!

Taking our bags down the lane to the main road - no cars in here

We are rolling!

At Hue's train station

Waiting to embark on one of the world's great train rides- Hue to Da Nang!

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