• Chris Edwards

Road to Tucson 2011

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Day 1- Windsor to Indianapolis

U.S Customs at the Ambassador Bridge. The customs agent is a real wisenheimer; he asks if we have any food. When I say home made muffins he states he has to confiscate them for the coffee room.

Jack, my travelling partner, hands over a document; the wise guy says we will have to go inside to process... a two hour wait- oh crap! but of course he is yanking our chain...actually a great guy and he allows us cruise through the border and we are off- what a treat to meet a US Customs Agent with a wicked sense of humour!

One of Jack’s fave spots along the road to Tucson is Indianapolis- it has very charming, hip, modern, preserved downtown. We stay in the historic Columbia Club- a private hotel. Non-members can book rooms in the city. Our room features a jaw-dropping view of Monument Square. Built in 1925, the lobby has the feel of old money- dark walnut paneling, rare oil paintings on the walls, stuffy chairs,, a two-storey fireplace- a real treat.

After dinner in the very posh Grille Room (burger with the lot), we stroll out to the lobby/lounge, where a birthday party is in full swing... literally, as we observe a group of ballroom dancers. To add to the effect, snow was falling outside backlit through a two storey stained glass, walnut-panelled frame.

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