• Chris Edwards

Why I Hate Air Travel

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Air travel was once an attractive proposition but that ship has sailed.  

The only advantage to flying these days is time- and even that should be reconsidered. Obviously flying is the often only option but why does it have to be such a burden?

Airport terminals more closely resemble bus depots, as do the planes- overbooked steel cylinders that fly.

The indignity of security, removing shoes, cleaning out one’s pockets, being x-rayed, scanned scrutinized (some, up close and personal) waiting for the boarding call, shuffling to the gate like so many lemmings, then longer lines to actually get on the plane, with everyone, shlepping their bags to avoid the airlines’ imposed fees for bags.

People nattering on cel phones with no regard for personal space- willing to share their mundane conversations to everyone within range.

Only to be packed like so many sardines, forced to squeeze into ever smaller seats on fewer flights as the airlines rationalize and cut back. Gone are the days of free anything, including blankets, pillows and food.

Once upon a time flying was a special event, but no more. People once dressed for the occasion, a habit long gone based on a recent trop to an airport lounge.

Once upon a time, planes weren’t always full which meant one could sneak to the back and stretch out. Flight attendants actually seemed to enjoy their profession instead of the hang dog, road weary bored expressions. Not surprising considering their added responsibility includes baggage handling, and attempts to stuff them into the over-burdened overhead bin.

I still like to travel. But I prefer the rails, boats or cars.

Anything but an airport in any US city.

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